I know how you feel. It may not be as exactly as the intensity of what you are feeling right now. But believe me when I say..

I know how you feel. 

I know how hard it is to avoid the things that’s pushing you to sin again. I have been there. I know how much you wanted to avoid it, but your flesh and lust is greater than your desire to overcome. I know how foolish you became and say that you will just ask forgiveness after.

This particular sin is eating you not little by little but as much as it can eat you at a time. I know how many times you cried and asked for help. And how depressing it is to feel paralysed and just allow sin to consume you. All of you. I know that you feel condemned right now. How unworthy you are to be called a Queen.

Trust me I know. 

There are so many questions in your head. And for each answers it wont satisfy you. 

I have been there. Many times. You cannot imagine how many times I sinned and allowed temptations to happen. How many times I allow the enemy to kill, still and destroy me. ALL OF ME

“I am a loser” “hanggang dito nalang ako” ” wala na akong patutunguhan pa”

these are the thoughts I have in my head. And each thoughts leave wounds in my heart. and this questions can be yours too.

But let me remind you something.

You are the righteousness of God. 

You are His daughter. You are Loved. You mean the whole world to Him that He even gave his only Son so He can call you His own, His Child.

A year in your life will not be enough to discuss all your sins but Your lifetime is never enough to count the grace that GOD have for you. 

10,000 times a day God is looking at you. And yes He saw you sinning. But He is looking at you with so much love.

As if you never sin. As if your perfect. 

God is not looking on who you are today. But who you will be in the future.

For you will be His Queen.

You will be willing to die just to give Him Glory.

You will do great things for Him.

You will be a woman of Faith.

A Giant Slayer. You are strong. Mindful and full of happiness.

For the old has gone. The new has come. 

What happened today won’t matter in the future. For what matters tomorrow is who you choose to become for His Glory.

Wipe those tears in your face. your mascara makes your eyebags darker.

Take a deep breath. Fight again. Smile. 🙂

Make a decision that you will not allow satan to take a hold on you. 

And last.


Heavenly Father. My King. My Savior

The heavens and all the earth are yours. Right now my prayer is that whoever reading this post. A Queen in a making who may be feeling down, upset or condemned. I pray that you comfort them. I pray that you remind them how much you love and care for their souls. That you have forgiven them 2000 years ago. Lord, I ask that you remind them that there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. that you already made us Your Righteousness. Forgive our sins. Forgive us if we allow the enemy to tempt us to do what for sure breaks your heart. 

Thank you. For your grace that is never-ending. We promise that we will stand for you. That we will live to make you smile. We love you Jesus. 



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