I woke up from a dream, a very bad dream. It is about the BIG ONE. I don’t know but I never woke up before my alarm clock and today my eyes automatically opens and I believe I was woken up by the Lord to pray.

There are rumours in news, on social media, it is the number one topic nowadays. But let me ask you something.


When I first heard about this BIG ONE was way back 2013 after the Typhoon Yolanda killed many people. It is the number one topic in the church for it  can be one of the signs that the end is near. Prophet Saduh is also trending that time because He gave prophecy about this particular typhoon and the BIG ONE.

The BIG ONE will be more disastrous than Yolanda. He said that it will strike the Philippines the upcoming year (2014) but it never came.

Now that this BIG ONE is viral again. Because of undetected fear in my heart, I started doubting.

“Naku di yan totoo, sinabi na yan dati di naman nangyare”

“Paubaya na yan sa WIN Ministry, nonestop naman sila magpray eh”

At the back of my mind this is what I am thinking UNCONSCIOUSLY.

But God has been on a work in my life since the start of the year and then the Dream happened. I would not fully detail the dream but are you ready? If I ask you questions like if you die, will you go to heaven? Will you meet God or you’ll go to the other way?

Pause for a while and do some life check

How is your heart? Who or what is inside it? Is God still the center of it? How about your mind? Is it lustful? Are you thinking about money more than the Lord? Are you prideful? Do you envy someone? do you hold grudges to your parents? Did you steal? maybe not gold or what, but did you get a bunch of bond papers at the office? I think it can be considered stealing. DO YOU STILL LOVE GOD ABOVE ALL?

There maybe few of us that will say “YES, I am ready.” with conviction and wholeheartedly believe that they will go to heaven. And there will be most of us say YES! Just kidding! (which means no)

God reminded me on the time Abraham bargained with God for Sodom and Gomorrah. A sinful city. A city God can no longer tolerate it sinfulness so He visit it to see for himself the outcry against this city and knows He needs to destroy it. Abraham asked the Lord, if there are fifty righteous people in the city will He still destroy it treating the righteous and the wicked alike. The Lord said that He will spare the city for the sake of the fifty righteous. And Abraham again asked the Lord this time forty-five, then forty, thirty, twenty and ten. and God said for the sake of the ten righteous He will not. But the Lord found no ten righteous people in the city and eventually destroyed it.What I wanted to tell you is that God is gracious, He is loving and always forgiving God.

Our country is a Christian country just because of our History. But what if with the millions of “Christians” in our land God can only found less than ten righteous people?

Why only ten? 

To be honest I do not know if how many Christians are true follower of God. Do not mind the number. But what I do know is that many are not. WHY? Because most of us are sleeping, or complacent and follower of Christ only by mouth and not by heart and mind and lives on sinning.

God can spare our country from the Big One. Like how He is willing to spare Sodom and Gomorrah for the sake of the Ten Righteous people. He found none in the city. Will God found more than ten righteous people in the Philippines to spare us to the BIG ONE?

I don’t know. Only God can answer it. What can we do then?

Be part of the righteous. Do not mind how many but please let us be part of the righteous people God can consider to not allow the Big One to happen. Let us live rightfully in the Lord so that instead of allowing it to happen He will think of you and me.

I pray that after you read this you may find conviction in your heart to have a life check. To prepare yourself not only to the Big One but also to the time of your death. Because we know that both is unpredictable.

*this is not only applicable for you but for me as well. having that dream makes me think about my life and how I live it.


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