The Queen In You

Yes ladies.

You are a Queen. A royal blood.

Daughter of the King of kings. You are a leader,

You are someone who is very valuable.

Stop thinking about you being not qualified at all. of you not pretty enough, not tall enough not smart enough. Stop with all the blames and meditating of what has been behind a long time ago.

your past, your regrets, your mistakes. It all contribute to the Queen inside you. 

No. You are not a queen who lives in a castle, you do not have a soldier you can command on, or slaves who would feed you, it’s never about expensive gowns, of golds or silver as an adornment.

because to be honest you are more than that! you are more than other people’s opinion about you.

You are Queen who is a role model that every 7-year-old girl would admire and want to become when she grow up or a 9-year-old boy who he look up to and have a crush on. You are that Queen that every father would like their son to marry or every mother would like to talk to for hours. You are that leader who doesn’t have to command but do first whatever is needed to be done.

You are more than what your eyes can see in the mirror. 

Because behind those smile, is  a Queen who is a fighter ready for battle. You are brave to confront every day challenges. You are strong to face decisions that can make or break your future. Humble to accept mistakes. easy to ask for forgiveness. you are firm to stand for what you know is right, who doesn’t have to compromise.

You are that Queen everyone will talk about. Not because of who you see in the “mirror mirror on the wall” but on what is inside you. 

What matters is what is inside your heart. 

A heart ready to give, overflowing with love. A heart that is humble. a heart that beats for her King, a heart willing to be a servant. a heart that sees the beauty of life. the positive on every negative. A heart that believes that there is goodness in everyone. A heart that empowers who ever is weak or discouraged.

These things are what matters.

Now, Queen in the making..

let me ask you something. What is in your heart right now? Who is the center of it? Does it beat for the glory of the King?

Please don’t let any Witch steal what is for you or what is inside you. Do not allow the enemy makes you forget your true identity in the Lord.

let your true identity in the Lord be your power to conquer it all. 

There may be struggles but always remember that you are in a process, this is your training because you are in the making. 

So stand straight. chin up and slay!

Cheers to you Queen in the making! Cheers to every Esther inside of us!

1 Peter 3:4 1

But let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.


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