Have you ever felt tired? No. not that kind of tired when you go home after a long day, but that feeling that you don't wanna wake up the nex morning because you just don't know why and it annoys you even more to think for the reasons. Have you ever felt demotivated and its... Continue Reading →


Hey it’s June!

Half of the year pass, 151 days are gone, you have used your 3,624 hours. We just welcomed 2017 and now we are down to the month of JUNE. How was your year so far? Were you able to cross out at least one from your bucket list for this year? How about that new... Continue Reading →

The Song on Repeat.

Its 4:59 in the morning and the house is too quite. I got "forever" by Kari Jobe on the background music. The song is on its bridge now. "WE SING HALLELUJAH, THE LAMB HAS OVERCOME" My heart right now is jumping for praises. And I feel like I am about to cry. Yes I get... Continue Reading →


I know how you feel. It may not be as exactly as the intensity of what you are feeling right now. But believe me when I say.. I know how you feel.  I know how hard it is to avoid the things that's pushing you to sin again. I have been there. I know how much... Continue Reading →

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