60 facts about Axelle

1. 22 years old.

2. Born in the Philippines

3. I used to touch people’s neck to massage it when a fish bone stuck because I was born “suhe”.

4. Currently studying at San Sebastian College Recolletos Manila.

5. Taking up BS Psychology

6. I love babies.

7. I’m obsess with notebooks

8. Introvert

9. I love to write.

10. I am part of music team in the church

11. My ambition is to be a Missionary and to become a motivational speaker.

12. Middle child

13. I wanna start my own YouTube channel

14. I am a tambourine dancer for 17 years

15. Ms. JS 2010

16. I want to play Kim in Ms. Saigon

17. I would be a Masscom Student if I did not pursue Psychology.

18. Over thinker

19. I entered relationship once.

20. I believe in true love waits.

21. Candid shots are my favorite

22. I want to be use to start a revival

23. I love Jesus

24. I like Barbie

25. I work as an online English Tutor

26. My first ever job was CSR

27. I became a Digital Marketing Account Executive in an advertising company

28. I’m a total shy person

29. Observer

30. I like interesting people

31. I talk when I sleep

32. I don’t like gore

33. I want to consider myself as simple

34. I am not good at fashion Thanks to my mom and dad who gives me ideas for acceptable attire

35. I talked to myself a lot

36. I like to travel alone

37. I hate okra and upo

38. I love watermelon and avocado

39. Pastel colors are my thing

40. I am a funny person

41. I laugh hard first before I tell a joke

42. I’m into long rides

43. Extreme rides are awesome

44. Adventurous kind of lady

45. I like it when I break rules (sometimes)

46. Its my heart’s desire to inspire

47. I wanna author my own book

48. I hoard photos and videos.

50. Best time of my life will always be a laughing moment with my family.

51. I am into editing videos, Level 1

52. Reading christian blogs is always a must for me

53. I am more of a visual kind of person

54. I have enormous dreams

55. I like to do crazy and unnecessary stuffs

56. I’m more of a tactless person when I give advice. what hurts you is what you needed.

57. I dream to visit the Cherry blossom in Japan

58. I hate to tell stories when the person I am talking to doing something else. I want eye contact

59. I easily believe lies

60. Encouraging young ladies will always be the desire of my heart


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