Greetings to all Esthers of today,

 Hi Queens in the Making,

It is a pleasure to have you, a Royalty, here in my page. I never been thrilled in my life than knowing that there is someone out there exploring inside my head. Yes. You got it right. As you browse to my site you will be exploring to my wildest thinking, convictions, principles and beliefs. You will definitely learn from my mistakes and life experiences.

As a kid, I always dream to be a princess. I wanna be like those grown up ladies, with beautiful long dress, fair skin and a Prince Charming ready for rescue. But as I grow. I realized that I am more than that. Far better than those I’ve seen in the movies for as I grew to love God, I learned that I am no princess. But a Queen.

I am Esther,

I am that Queen who are brave enough to stand for what she knows right. To do what is right. So brave and at the same time dependent to God. From being Hadassah, from no one to a Queen.

I am Queen Esther of today.

And so are you.

Queens like you and me are needed in this world.

So let us unleash that Queen inside us. so Cheers to every Esther inside of us! 🎉🍻🍸


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