Good Morning Dad

Hi Daddy God,

I do not know how to start this letter, Thinking of writing a letter for you makes me emotional. It makes me go back to those days when you rescued me, when you held my hands, on those days that I thought you left me but realized you were carrying me. when you showed me so much love, love that I never deserve. 

As I look in the sky, right now my heart’s desire is to finally see you face to face. To cry in your shoulder, to tell you how grateful this heart is, how grateful I am that I met you, that I encountered you, how can my life be if I never met you? I wanna sit down beside you and tell you stories, like how I tell my earthly dad how my day happened.

How I am sorry for the things that I have not done for you, sorry for making you worry about me, for making you wait, for making you not the priority of my life. Sorry my mind is crowded of everything about me that I forgot to think of You. Sorry for all the fears, the doubts, the selfish ambitions, decisions that I never consulted you.

And how I would like to thank you for your grace, Your grace that if it is an ocean I would be sinking.

Thank you, for bringing me here in your most precious presence. For letting me experience life, for making me walk to the valley of shadows of death. For allowing me to experience tragic, hurts and heartaches. For making me grow, for making me strong, for building my trust in you and not on anything else.

Thank you. what more can I say?

Thank you for showing me, that you are more than enough, your love, for presence, YOU.

Thank you for making me experience failure, for making me fight the battle and making me realize that I cannot fight these giants without you. Thank you for embracing me on my darkest night, because that is what I needed. Thank you Lord for showing your power in my life. Thank you in your silence, for that makes me trust you even more.

Lord, I love you. right now my heart wants to say that I love you, will there be words better than I love you? because that is what I really wanna say. No place I’d rather be, but here in my love. I want more and more of You in my life. Your presence that I cannot contain, your presence that will overpower my whole being.

And today God, I am overwhelmed to meet you. Here. To feel you, on this most precious moment. I do not wanna let go.

I pray that as I continue to live, let your light shine on me. Let me hide under wings. Let me live for you, to give you Glory, to be your army, to stand for you, to fight for you. Make me even brave, give me strength for each day. Use me for Your glory.

As I look in the sky, right now my heart’s desire is to finally see you face to face. I want to literally see you and I know that cannot be as of the moment. But one day God, one day I will run into you, and I will see you running to meet me, arms wide open. I know that I will see you cry, because finally we will meet, and I am so much excited of what would be the feeling of actually embracing my Lord, my Saviour.

Maybe everything else won’t matter at that moment. I know your presence, Your literal presence will overwhelm me. I would want to kneel down in front of You, to show You how I honour you, how I adore and in awe of your glorious presence. To show you my reverence.

I would want You to say,

“Well done. My good and Faithful servant!”  

I want you to say that. I would want to finally hear your actual voice.

One day Dad, we will meet.

But for now, Let me finish this race and One day. I will see you.


Your daughter.


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