Move on from your Facebook Searches

It is the time.

The time that you will fully clear your search history and move on from the people you keep on stalking on Facebook or your other social media accounts.

If you want BLOCK THEM! yes if that’s what brings you peace of mind. please do yourself a favor and block them NOW.

Doing so will not totally erase these people from your life. But at least you’re finally willing to do something to move on.

“Naisip ko kase you have to move on”

“Move on from what?”

“from everything that’s keeping you from moving on”

This is according to Kathryn Bernardo’s line in their famous movie Barcelona: A Love untold.

You have to move on.

Move on from that guy who you knew will never be part of your life because he is just a face and He had many selfies than you. Instead of proving his “SO CALLED” love for you, he choose to be with someone cheap.

Move on from that professor you have a crush on because He will never be that Kuya to you for he wants more than that.

Move on from your ex whom you spent almost five years of your life, and because of circumstances you have to give up your relationship with him for you know that it is becoming toxic for the both of you.

Move on from that girl who made you jealous. From that girl you have been insecure about. That girl you keep on checking on IG, FB and twitter. You envy  her beauty, her confidence, her achievements, her circle of friends and many more.

Move on from that online shop that you keep on checking if they are on sale so it would match your budget but never did. Move on from that OOTD you wanna wear, or that bikini you wanna flaunt.


go to http/

Log in your Facebook account

wait until it loads

go to your search bar

take a look on your searches. (OMG there’s a lot to erase)

Take a deep breath

make a promise and say a simple prayer



Now, open your eyes and click that clear searches. 


I am proud of you. THIS CALLS FOR A CELEBRATION! Now that you let go the earthly things you want, the emotions you keep in your heart, those ambitions, insecurities and others. YOU ARE NOW READY TO MOVE ON TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

And today that you gave up the things that makes you worry. You are now ready to receive.

According to Isaiah 43:19 

For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.

We fail to see what the Lord is doing because all our attention was on Facebook, checking and stalking those people. We fail to see the blessings that is about to unfold for us.

The Lord is about to do something new in your heart.

He is planting in your heart right now, it could be LOVE, FORGIVENESS, PEACE. I don’t know but for sure it is essentials for you to fully move forward so that you won’t go back and do the same thing all over again.

So smile. 🙂 Give me a big smile! 🙂 🙂 🙂


You did something remarkable today Queen in the making!

Cheers to every Esther inside of us!

Or you know what.

maybe you can just deactivate! 😀 HAHA. just kidding 🙂


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